Why My Brunette Journal??

You know what? I used to write and probably I am writing since forever. But sharing my feelings to the world is bit of a task. Call it anxiety or fear of facing the truth, I have pulled myself back. Now! Suddenly what happened??

Well, now I feel WHY NOT? I may not call myself an amazing writer but I got the answer. That I am gonna do it. I am gonna pen down words and feel good. And, let my readers be the judge of my skill.

I have a story. I am an engineer. A failed one but I haven’t failed in my life. I think this kept me going. I do so many things and some of them are productive. The best one is I read. Currently! I don’t have a genre because world is my limit. I am foodie. Die hard one. I am not a great cook but I bake. That says a lot.

I have never been an adventurous kind but one of my idea of adventure is to face my fear of heights and go for paragliding. (Well, I am still preparing myself.) I am obsessed with my hair. They aren’t long long but they are okay! and its all natural brown. I think that’s the best feature I have. That is why Brunette Journal.

But, most of all I wanted to share. I am keeping up an open journal. I’ll write. I’ll share. And, I’ll try to spread love. So yeah! Happy Reading.

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