My PINK bucket! :P

The moment I entered Victoria Secret’s I knew that I am in the state of felicity. Surrounded by the colorful underlinen, nuh-uh, not only colorful but prints and what not. Its a wonderland for the women who love to dress up inside too. Well, feeling good about yourself is no definition.

The more I walked inside I reached up to a point where I can see my fetish- a whole range of beauty and bath products. With the time constraint, I chose to pick up Cool & Bright Campus Kit from their PINK collection. I held this tub, I went awestruck and I knew there was no looking back.

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Isn’t this Chic!? ❤


NOTEPAD: Its a basic tear of Notepad with PINK written on it. This one is best for keeping up a checklist.

KEYCHAIN: Its PINK’s mascot- the silhouetted pink dog which stands out in the room perfectly.

MIST: There is no gag in this product. It’s all clean, fresh and aromatic. The whiff of it is enough to make you glee.

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LOTION: The best part about this lotion is that it not only smells great but a pinch of it is enough to moisturize my skin. It’s creamy and invigorating. I feel the best to use lotion and mist together for all day subtle aroma.

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2-in-1 WASH AND SCRUB: One of luxurious bath feel I got after using it. Its smell doesn’t stay for long but it lathers quickly and have these small granules mixed up in the gel quite well. These granules don’t feel harsh and abrasive on the skin. The final result is the supple and soft skin.

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Well, now I am all tickled by using these products. Since I got this from Dubai, the price of this tub is 75AED (around 1300). For me, it was quite a lucrative deal. Quality is powerful yet gentle. And, with this, I give 4 out of 5 hearts. 🙂

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