Such a beautiful word- DREAM, but such a pressure. Google “DREAM” and you’ll come across two meanings one says it’s a fantasy and another says ambition. We often have small fantasies of having or doing something which is impossible. Like I wonder what if the Magical World of Harry Potter comes into life. Ahhh! life would be so simpler. Isn’t it? I mean just swipe your wand and all hard working stuff will magically disappear. And, what if, Pandora’s Box was never opened. Well, that’s just one my fantasies.

Ambition is the desire to do or achieves something. I think everyone has their set of ambitions- materialistic and non-materialistic. I am not here to define terminologies but to show my concern how one should adhere their ambitions. You wanna be a writer, practice writing. You wanna live a luxurious life, work hard for that. I understand now and then we come across some inspirational quote about success and ambition. But how many of them we are following.

There are a bunch of self-help books and motivational speakers who will get that zeal in you which is undoubtedly important but is it enough? Is it enough to fill ourselves only with the positive thinking? Consistency, hard work, patience with positivity and the most important that I feel is honesty to yourself is a key towards fulfilling your dream. Again, I am not criticizing the fact of getting inspired but how about changing ourselves, no no no, improving ourselves for good!

Phew! Well, this good load amount of energy I got because of two reasons. One that I want to achieve something, I have a set goal but I am just being reluctant towards my own sloth nature. Secondly, I read something very funny yet sarcastically true. Sharing that one at the end!

Ciao! :*


Picture Courtesy: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/395613148497245255/

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