Movies that I like the most!! (Bollywood)

During my college days, I began to watch movies (I mean in a crazy way). I got this 1TB removable Disk Drive as a gift from my mother and I chose to fill it with movies, series, and books PDF. Those were the days. But if I’ll sit and think, I feel I always been inclined towards old movies. The 70s and 80s mostly or I wanted to watch unconventional movies. Well, my collection does have some movies with quite a different taste and genre. I hope you’ll like it. But before commencing, my list is divided into two categories one is Bollywood and another is International.

This blog is particularly about Bollywood movies and I am proud of the fact that some of the movies are superbly executed in terms of plot and direction. So, here is it goes

    • ANDAZ APNA APNA(1994): My forever favorite movie is this one. If I ever had a bad day and I watch this movie I feel that my life is sorted. This Movie is hilarious and makes me appreciate each and every cast from the movie. How quasi-idiot Prem(Salman Khan) and Amar(Aamir Khan) pursued two beautiful girls for money. For me, generous credit goes to Teja(Paresh Rawal) and Crime Master Gogo(Shakti Kapoor) for their amazing dialog delivery and punches…

    • AGNI SAKSHI(1996): The horrifying cinema inspired from Julia Robert’s Sleeping With Enemy is about a husband who is possessive, controlling and dominating more than anyone can think. Though this movie has given some real nightmares I appreciate acting and the plot. Even though female lead tried to change her name and identity, her past haunted her badly. Nana Patekar gave some horrifying scenes but the ending is very chilly… Agni-Sakshi-1
    • PITAAH(2002): (Standing ovation to Nandita Das and Sanjay Dutt for real acting) A labor’s daughter gets raped by landlord’s two sons. Even with the full proof evidence about the rape, the rapist gets released and that’s where the whole story starts. The painful journey of the whole family comes to a point to suicide. But something else happens. Whenever I watch this movie, questions regarding administration and nepotism arises in my mind…pit6h
    • SWADES(2004): A different perspective of 21st-century Patriotism, in Ashutosh Gowarikar direction this movie is about an NRI who visits India for his Aunt and from here the whole journey starts. The protagonist here understands the whole countryside situation, value of relationship and the feeling of nationhood. This movie deserves all right to standing ovation.118286362.png

    • UDAAN(2010): Since I mentioned my college days, this movie was released in 2010 right before I started my college. An excellent production from Anurag Kashyap’s giddy. This story is about a 17-year-old boy Rohan who expelled from his boarding school and he had to live with his father whom he hasn’t met in 8 years. His father was an exact replica of Hitler who tortured his son and crushes his dream of becoming a writer & pushes him to do engineering against his will. The movie showed the realistic struggle of Rohan with a sadist and emotionally unavailable father and a younger stepbrother who was looking for desperate love from their father. This movie is about real problems and some inexpressible feelings… udaan

    • PEEPLI LIVE(2010): I feel bad that this movie wasn’t recognized much. A poor farmer from Peepli village decides to suicide so that his family could get money from government benefit scheme. But then the havoc creates in the media, they swarm around to telecast the “live” suicide. The story shared some major critical moments and reality of farmers and media of our country. peepli-live-0a

    • ENGLISH VINGLISH(2012): As the name depicts, yes! the lead role in this movie was struggling with a language barrier and was being demeaned by her own husband and daughter. Late Shri Devi gave full justice to her role and gave some really beautiful life goals such as start loving yourself and its never too late to start something new. Beautifully executed and beautifully written. thequint_2018-02_238c6572-a797-4774-9c4d-85d59cd0fb6e_2.png

    • THE LUNCHBOX(2013): “Dear Ila, things are never bad as they seem” And some other few lines that stole my heart. Being myself an old-school romantic, this movie did give me some precious smile and tears. A housewife who prepares a scrumptious meal for her husband daily but because of the miscalculation of dabbawalla, her husband’s lunchbox goes to an old widower. She starts writing letter to him along with the lunchbox and that’s how they start their very conversation. He not only appreciates her efforts but gave her the courage to fight for herself. No doubt the love bloomed but the sad part they never met. Bollywood-Inspirational-Dialogues-8

    • DUM LAGA KE HAISHA(2015): A beautiful romcom comedy with some heartwarming reality. A young man under the pressure of his father gets married to an obese girl. Initially, he fat-shamed her and demeaned her but as the story goes ahead he realizes her true nature and starts giving her that respect that she deserves. its well said beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. 11249656_1616940108548298_1585405334_n

So these were some of my top favorite movies. If in any case, you haven’t watched any of the movies I assure you there won’t be any disappointment.


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