Dear Ladies!

Okay!!! Blah blah blah! Happy women’s day ladies.

How do you know you are a woman? Because you have lady parts or because your voice is so calm and soothing or maybe because of you too emotional.


Do you respect yourself? Yeah! I mean you are always good to go or pretty or you don’t express yourself.


How well do you know your importance? To be born or to put up a smile and get good grades or to be good looking or get married and have babies.


What do you want? I don’t know.

I am not asking for your answers because I know some of us are dealing with this question. Okay so here is my say!

You were born with a beautiful smile to your parents. You were born as a daughter of the family. That is a big deal. You were 4 or 5 years old and you chose what you want to be. Holding a statoscope and acting like a doctor. Or running fast as wind to become an athlete. Or maybe you were wearing your parent’s shoes and acting like an adult. You have a tender heart and you are full of emotions. Please don’t think of it as a flaw. Nurture this. The world has so much of negativity we need some strong souls like you. You love makeup so just put it on. There is no such thing as too much makeup. You don’t love makeup, its okay, no need to prove your beauty with it. Hell yeah! You are one heck of a beautiful soul. You respect your parents’ wishes but you do want to choose the way you live. You want to have a career go fight for it. You want to change your career do it! You want an equal say in your relationship. Please speak. You can do anything.

You just love the way you are. Happy in your own skin. You want to have it all. Just have it all. You know your priorities. You know better what you are doing. Don’t let anyone “woman” shame you. No, you don’t deserve that.

Lastly, dear woman please respect other women too. She is just like you. But with different dreams and priorities. Just accept her. We need that.

Happy Women’s Day. 🙂

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