Dragon House – Radisson Jaipur City Centre

March 10th, 2018

Today it was my first visit to Dragon House and I was very skeptical. Its been quite a long time that I haven’t visited any Chinese or Thai Resturant, the reason being I haven’t found anything spectacular in Jaipur.

But now I have!

It is beautifully designed and has a well-curated Chinese themed interior. The black wood blending in with red impressions in the form of cushions and accessories gives you an echt Chinese restaurant feels. You can also enjoy some soothing Chinese tunes always playing at the back.

Jasmine Tea

My lunch started with a warm smile and warm Jasmine Tea. It had a pulsating fragrance to make you go all joyous.

Mixed Vegetable Dim Sums
Exotic Crispy Wonton Cups

Started with Mixed Vegetable Dimsums, they were utterly soft and loaded with freshly boiled minced vegetables inside it. The size and quality were very well. I preferred it go with a spicy sauce. Exotic Crispy Wonton Cups has become my favorite here. Crispy cups with diced mushrooms, corns and broccoli. With the first bite, I enjoyed its crunch with veggies tossed inside it. I am definitely going for this one again.


Needless to mention the sublime mocktails served with it were very refreshing.

8 Treasure Lotus Leaves wrapped Fried Rice
Dan Dan Noodles
Stir Fried Vegetables In Butter Garlic Sauce

Going ahead, the main course had 8 Treasure Lotus Leaves wrapped Fried Rice, smelled divine. It wasn’t looking presentable but as I tasted it I felt the combination of fried rice and later it was steamed was pretty flavourful for me. Dan Dan Noodles, traditional Chinese spicy noodles with loads of vegetables. A much better version of Hakka Noodles. Both the above-mentioned dishes were nothing without Stir Fried Vegetables In Butter Garlic Sauce. (Sigh) This one single-handedly took my heart away. The creaminess of sauce infused with vegetables like mushrooms, baby corns, and broccoli was one victorious meal. I left that plate spotless.

Fried Ice Cream

Finally, Fried Ice Cream topped with nuts and chocolate sauce. I had to make some space for that. Anyways, the coating of fried ice cream was crispy and thin. I am glad it wasn’t doughy at all.

My final say:

Go for it and try out this place. This place not only provides you great Asian food but great service as well. Yes, it is a bit expensive but worth an experience.

Dragon House - Radisson Jaipur City Center Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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