I literally took a deep breathe and opened my laptop today with all ideas juggling up and thinking about what I am gonna write today. When I created my journal I wanted it to be about me but all I do is watch YouTube videos. Ask me 101 ways to destroy your time and still wake up next day to destroy it with no regrets. Yeah! I don’t regret!
So, I decided to go out as YouTube was killin me! Sipping up coffee at some cafe, reading Pride and Prejudice because I cant read Mills and Boons in public. I was enjoying my miserable singlehood (damn you Elizabeth) when I overheard this conversation. A girl and a boy sitting right beside me. Sorry! (Not at all). I could sense the frustration between both of them I thought the boy might throw something on the girl. This world where materialism is no biggie, this girl was ranting about her priceless materialistic belongings and gossip about other people’s personal life. (Here I am doing the same listening to their nonsense talk because I want masala!). The guy was trying to find some sense in her never-ending dumb talk about “who dated who” in their friend group or something. Each time he picked up the glass I was hoping that he’ll throw it on her. Luckily the girl’s phone rang and she went out of the cafe like a rocket. The guy gulped the whole glass of water altogether and looked at me.
Suddenly, I realize that not only I am acting like an old aunt who has nothing to do in her life besides lurking on other people’s business, I am super bad at pretending that I wasn’t staring at him. “Soooo… Jane Austin huh!?” he asked with a deep sigh. “Oh yeah! Mr. Darcy is definitely my dream guy and bad luck he ain’t nowhere for me!” That was the neediest answer I could have given to anyone. Why oh why!
But this cracked him up! Did I act cool or something? I questioned my own existence and just smiled at him. Fake smile to be precise. He sat right in front of me. Ohh my gawd! This guy is tall (6 ft 2 in) with the hazy eyes and brown hair. My heart raced. God! so perfection and here I am in my glasses, a loose t-shirt which says “donut worry” and pajamas that was nearly thrown by my mother.
This guy apparently took the conversation ahead and mystically, he was a book lover too. We talked about poetries, how they melt hearts. We listed our favorite books. Zing! I am glad I found someone with similar taste. It’s like God heard my prayers. Here child.. have a package that you always wanted. I was Instagramming “Hot Guys who read” like a routine and here I am with my hottie who loves to read.
After half an hour we realized that his date left him. He had no regrets. Literally! None. And then the unexpectedly expected happened. “Would you like to meet me again like a date?” He was stuttering. “That would be perfect.” I smiled and acted like a lady. “Friday evening at 6 pm? This place only?” He asked. I suggested, “Let’s go out on a lunch someplace nice”. He made a face and said slowly “I have school and my midterm, so evening would be very much fine. I’ll be done with my tuitions by 6 so we can catch up here.”
“School?” I stuttered this time. Very firmly he replied “Yeah! I mean this year are my boards and I don’t wanna mess up.”
I didn’t have any guts to ask him that which grade are you in? It’s like I hit a rock bottom or something. All sad songs were playing back of my mind by cursing my luck. How come kids started looking like elders? My dreams shattered like a mirror falls on the ground.
I stood up. These words came out of my mouth “Good luck kiddo!!” He went all puzzled and this time I ran like a rocket. Had no courage to explain to him that yeah you were cool and all but ummm I don’t go out with kids.
Well, after a huge slice of mud cake pastry and being laughed on by my close friends I realized that karma played its game. No lurking. Nah uh! Never! But wait a minute should I be happy that maybe he asked me out because I look like a 17-year-old girl! I am gonna think the best about myself. So what if I was in a loose t-shirt and pajamas. 26! I am in the game! (I have thought about the worst but it is gross as hell! eww eww eww!)
I am still being laughed on!

P.S. I don’t know his name. Never asked him.
P.S.S. I never went back to that cafe!

4 thoughts on “Literally!

  1. Hahahaha well you know at the end I was looking for something else , but what I got at the end is way more funny and I like it. A board student asking u out, yeah babe you are far better than those ‘17 teens ♥️ . Lovely 😘

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  2. Such a telling experience. How we can always learn from a mundane life, the charms of a high life condition. When there is a good time just live it all and when there is not just laugh it out. Both are some forms of actively participating to create HAPPINESS. Come whatever may. Loved it brunette journal! Simple yet insightful.


  3. Hahaha I had a great laugh after reading it. Wonderfully written as I could actually imagine the scenario very well. Also, similar incidents have happened with me, you know it too! But yes, feeling young at heart is all that matters at the end of the day. Isn’t it? And you are “Beautiful” so being a 17 yo or 26 yo shouldn’t bother you. ❤️


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