Our Kiss ♡

A soft caress of breeze
And the time will stop
Your lips on my lips
I won’t dare to open my eyes
This moment is so beautiful
I can relive it
The touch of your fingers on my neck
I could feel your hands
Cupping my face
I am lost in serendipity
Don’t know where am I?
I feel that peck on my neck
Enough to electrify my body
The way you’ll consume me
It’s like I never want to leave
Your breath on my earlobe
Much softer than a rose petal
Kissing them slowly
Now your hands are on my shoulders
I know what’s going to happen
I looked into your eyes
I am happy, love
I am saying yes, love
This time it won’t be only a touch
I could feel my body moving
The sensation is so strong
You bit my lip
I smiled
This pain is worth to stay
You held me inside
Where I hide
And complete
This is when you say
You love me…


I imagined this kiss with “the one”. Do you believe in “the one”? Well, I do! And the day this kiss will happen with me for sure I am gonna pen down my feelings. Till then! share it with the one you love and if he or she is yet to come in your life. Just smile! Read it again! And, just smile!


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