It feels like yesterday when I first time held “Milk and Honey” in my hand. Soft Paperback. I was skeptical before reading it. Flipping through the pages and I came across the most beautiful lines-

Love is not cruel
We are cruel
Love is not a game
We have made a game out of love

I was spellbound. Inebriated by her words. It struck like a lightning, every word of her book was relatable and Rupi Kaur became my God. I remember how the days and nights became one for me. I could only see her. Her words. She became my idol and I even made my love, love her. We had those moments when I used to read lines like a maniac to him. He used to hear me quietly because he preferred listening rather than reading. We fell in love more because of her. I prayed, I imagined and I positively felt that someday I am going to meet her and tell her how she became an integral part of my life. Mystically her essence never fade.

2018 became my favorite year, I met her in the literature fest in January. It’s like universe knew that I needed to meet my Zen soon. She came to India for her tour and the first city she stepped in was mine. I ran for her because I wanted to be right in front of her. At the fest, I was in the first row. Feeling her energy. And the way she was on the stage reciting lines from her book I went numb. She was just like us more liberal and out there. She isn’t my God because I am dying for something unrealistic but she is an inspiration to me. She became my goal, my ambition, and my heartfelt desire. In my wildest dream, I could never think that I will be that lucky to see her. I cried the whole time and later I pretended that yeah I am cool its ok I won’t get a picture with her. But I did. And I remember when I asked her that I want to have a picture with her she said: “I remember you from the first row.” It was much more satisfying listening to this than my best kiss ever.

I learned that day that I actually fell in love with my most heartfelt desire. Not only I saw her, I met her, I talked to her. If this can happen to me then I think anything or maybe anyone you desire in your life will be there for you. If you wanna become best in your field or profession just have that pious heart and will to achieve it. All in a positive direction unhindered by the life’s problem. Problems will come you can’t do anything about them just face them with a big laugh. You are your own big reason to smile and live each and every day with that remarkable attitude. You will surely be amazed that you could become such an amazing person. You are the master of your own mood. Choose it.

If you want to become a pilot think about flying and blue sky. Learn deeply about the medium through which you’ll kiss the sky. Dream about it and live it every day. You think that you love someone just contribute one good thing in their lives each day. Make them feel how important they are and what makes you love them. Don’t bind yourself with the thought that I can’t express myself. Hell yeah! You can you will. Imagine they are happy with you and when they are not with you they are still very happy missing you. You are giving positivity to Universe. Universe act the way you want it to act. Bring that change don’t play games with people you love. And the position you want to achieve.

P.S. just give it a thought. Okay?

Featured Pic Courtesy: Illustration by Gosia Herba

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