Plant Thief!

So… professor Google says that Stealing means taking (another person’s property) without permission or legal right and without intending to return it. Hmm… Well, here I am confessing a heinous crime. I stole something and it’s not a man’s heart. I mean technically you can’t do this, how can you pluck the damn pumping thing out of someone’s body. It’s just a phrase and a phase. Period. So coming back to the main subject I stole something (and I am not a kleptomaniac). It’s just the first and last time (I guess).

This one fine beautiful morning I went out with my friend Surabhi for an amazing breakfast. We were enjoying ourselves, playing Jenga and making fun of our unproductive lives. (Yeah! We are sisters without misters!) From our doltish conversation, we assured ourselves that we are best for each other and we never judge each other. (We certainly judged everyone around us.) After an hour or two of hahaha and rofl, even when we were leaving from there. going to our respective mode of transportation medium. (I don’t drive a car I have a scooty. Okay!) Surabhi made me look at this transparent polythene bag hanging on a bike. I saw a small plant inside it in a plastic cup. It was a mint plant smelling divine and fresh like solace. I was looking here and there. My dear friend gave me a look that it is someone else’s and we should go from here or her mother will kill her if she’ll not reach home on time. (NOTE: Indian moms love their kids, they don’t kill their children. It’s just the way of showing love. Don’t take it in a literal sense.) I waited for like gazillion seconds for someone to come and claim it. Meanwhile, I was imagining how beautiful it will look around my plants at home. I was greedy. Inside my heart, I even named it, “Minty”. I heard the last call from Surabhi. I took Minty away! Yes, I stole it. (It was getting all parched and I fell in love.) Minty stole my heart (phrase) and I stole him/her. By the way, what is the gender of plants?? I brought it home, planted in one of the pots and watered it. It looked so so so happy.

But my evil friend made me conscious that maybe I am a thief. My guts get weak in front of my mother so I decided to be brave in front of the world and do a poll on Instagram: Is stealing plant a crime? 42% people expressed that yeah it is a crime you adorable bitch. (I am a self-proclaimed Adorable person.) Well, nobody said bitch I am just being a drama queen. So I asked that why do you think like that and guess what I am glad they actually cared about Minty. I am still overwhelmed with one answer which says buy a plant leave it on someone’s bike or at some place where they love plants (cute isn’t it and so thoughtful) and another one which says it’s okay you gave it a life and even I stole a puppy because the owner wasn’t taking care of it (I felt happy all over inside me).

I am so glad that humanity is there all around us. We are all good people and we have empathy towards things around us. Our small actions are the pursuit of happiness. It doesn’t come when you buy your first car but it comes when you get the privilege to share it with your loved ones. How long will you feel happy roaming around in that car alone? It’s not about Minty but it’s about how people have the heart to give importance to tiniest things and moments. I am just sharing an instance where I am happy on my own that is my biggest achievement. I am responsible for my own happiness. I send this positivity to the universe and I am sure I’ll get much more instances like this in the future.

P.S. Minty is happy and is settled down pretty well.

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